FEATURES: Measures Vertical Feet Skied * Records Ski Runs * Records Maximum Vertical Rate * Displays Current and Average Rates * Aircraft Precision Altimeter * Weather Station * All Popular Watch Functions * Stopwatch with Split Memory * Alpin Option * Large PosiClick Buttons * Elastic Band Fits over Ski Jacket * Easy-to-Read Display * Displays Feet or Meters * Accessories * Use in Other Vertical Sports

MEASURES VERTICAL FEET SKIED. The Vertech Ski can measure your vertical feet skied for a run, a day and a week. It is common for an advanced skier to ski 20,000 to 30,000 vertical feet a day, and for an expert to ski 45,000 vertical feet. The world record is over 270,000 vertical feet in 24 hours.
RECORDS SKI RUNS. The Vertech automatically counts runs skied. A run is added after the skier has descended 150 feet from the top of the lift. The run counter does not record runs that are less than 150 vertical feet. Some lifts dip on the way up the mountain, but these dips will not register as runs unless they are over 150 feet.
RECORDS MAXIMUM VERTICAL RATE. The fastest vertical drop skied is converted to a feet per minute rate. Extreme drops may be in the range of 2,000 vertical feet per minute. The instrument will measure up to 7,600 vertical feet per minute.
DISPLAYS CURRENT AND AVERAGE RATES. A typical current descent rate for fast skiing is 750 feet per minute. The vertical descent over a timed interval can also be recorded. To get this average descent rate per minute for a ski run, the descent timer is started at the top of the run and stopped at the bottom.
AIRCRAFT PRECISION ALTIMETER. The Vertech uses aircraft altimeter technology to measure elevation in 5 foot increments. For the Vertech to read elevation accurately during a day of skiing, it must be adjusted at a known elevation such as a ski resort or base camp before skiing. Adjusting altitude has no affect on vertical feet skied.
WEATHER STATION. The Vertech barometer is based on air pressure. At any known elevation the sea level barometric pressure can be determined by adjusting the displayed elevation to the known elevation. Precise elevation must be known, because each 0.01 inch of mercury on the barometer is equal to about 10 feet. The Vertech also includes a thermometer and a barometric trend display.
ALL POPULAR WATCH FUNCTIONS. The Vertech is a full-function chronometer with clock, alarm, date, and countdown timer.
STOPWATCH WITH SPLIT MEMORY. The Vertech has a full-function stopwatch that reads to .05 second. Up to 32 splits can be recorded and recalled later from memory.
ALPIN OPTION. The Vertech Ski can be converted to an Alpin instrument by simply changing its setup parameters. After conversion, all rate functions will calculate per hour instead of per minute. The user may also program the Vertech to measure ascent instead of descent.
LARGE PosiClick BUTTONS. The function and option buttons at the base of the Vertech are contoured and positioned for easy operation while you are wearing ski gloves.
ELASTIC BAND FITS OVER SKI JACKET. The extra-wide band is fully adjustable to fit over any ski jacket so the user has instant access to data even under severe weather conditions.
EASY-TO-READ DISPLAY. The extra-bold numbers are easy to read under varied weather conditions. Vertical feet skied and altitude are displayed in large numbers for quick reference between ski runs.
DISPLAYS ENGLISH OR METRIC UNITS. Easy conversion from English units (feet, °F, inches of mercury) to metric units (meters, °C, millibars).
ACCESSORIES. Replacement elastic ski bands are available as well as polyurethane Alpin bands for street wear, lanyards for neck wear while climbing, and bicycle stem mounts.

Spare parts and accessories for the Avocet Vertech are available from your dealer or you can order directly from Avocet.

CYCLING. Cyclists can document their climbs by recording vertical feet for the day, week, month, or year. Progress toward the summit is displayed by the Vertech altimeter in 5 foot increments
AIR SPORTS. The Vertech is a versatile instrument for all air sports including ultralight flying, gliding, paragliding, and ballooning. It will accumulate vertical feet flown, measure current, maximum and average rates of ascent or descent, and will record the number of thermals flown.
HUNTING AND FISHING. Hunters and fishermen will find the Vertech altimeter a valuable guide to navigation. The Vertech weather station can predict weather patterns that will influence game and fish behavior and impact the safety of the outdoorsman.