The Only Saddle Selected Both Editor's and Reader's Choice

—Bicycling Magazine, March 2001

"The 4 Best Saddles in the World."
—Bicycling Magazine, March, 2001, p. 20

Avocet O2 Air 40 Super Anatomic, 270 g.

Reader's Choice

A Bicycling Magazine Reader's Evaluation of the O2 Saddle

"I'm not picky about most parts—except saddles. If my apartment catches fire, I'll grab my three Avocet O2 saddles and run.

I dig the O2 because of its semi-wide tail and forgiving air pockets, which don't break down or migrate like gel does. It's light enough and feels good on everything from long hauls to short trips to the 7-Eleven. I'm surprised that I've never bent the rails (I weigh 200+ lbs), but I haven't. And thanks to the Kevlar corners, it's tough to screw one up in a crash.

The leather cover is definitely the way to go. It breaks in better than synthetic covers, and nothing says "get the hell out of the way" like a leather saddle."



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