FEATURES: * Mirror Contour * Control Contour * ThicThin Shell * ShortRail System * Titanium Rails * Durable Leather Cover *Bumpers * Racing Model * Backcountry Model * Women's Model * Six Colors * Money Back Guarantee *

MIRROR CONTOUR. X-Country saddles have a distinctive shape that provides highly functional benefits. The sloping Mirror Contour rear section defines an exit and entry path as the rider shifts backward and forward on steep descents.
  CONTROL CONTOUR. The Control Contours on the saddle corners allow the rider to apply leg pressure precisely to guide the bike on technical terrain.
  ThicThin SHELL. Avocet's patented ThicThin suspension shell is thinner directly under the rider's contact points. These thinned areas produce controlled flex that absorbs more shock. Resilient cushion material is positioned within these contact zones. Pressure is dispersed over a larger area for greater comfort.
  ShortRail SYSTEM. Long rails produce a hammock shape that positions the rider forward on the saddle. Avocet saddles are suspended by a ShortRail system that moves the rider back on the saddle where it is wider, more supportive, and more comfortable.


TITANIUM RAILS. Avocet's ShortRails are stronger, more durable, and lighter than other titanium saddle rails. They are formed of US-made Ti6Al-4V titanium that's manufactured to aerospace standards.
  DURABLE LEATHER COVER. X-Country saddles have covers of the best quality full-grain leather, the best material for durability and comfort.
  BUMPERS. Carbon fiber bumpers an the saddle sides protect the leather cover from tears and abrasions.
  RACING MODEL. The racing model is the narrowest and lightest of the X-Country saddles. This is the most popular saddle among high-performance rider. It comes in six color options.
  BACKCOUNTRY MODEL. The Backcountry saddle is half an inch wider than the racing model. It gives excellent support for long distance riders and riders who find the racing model too narrow.
  WOMEN'S MODEL. The Women's saddle is an inch wider than the Racing model. It gives proper support for the wider pelvic structure of a woman.
  SIX COLORS (racing model). X-Country Racing saddles are available in the following colors: Red with black bumpers, charcoal/orange, blue/grey, green/grey, yellow/blue or black, and black/gray. Backcountry and Women's saddles come in black only.
MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE. If the Avocet saddle isn't more comfortable than your present saddle, return the Avocet saddle to your dealer within 30 days for a full refund.

* X-Country Saddle Specifications *