FEATURES: * Pressure Relief Zone * Double Density ThicThin Shell * Avocet Gel * MicroDry Cover * Short Rail System * Men's and Women's Models * Mirror Contour * Control Contour * Money Back Guarantee *

PRESSURE RELIEF ZONE. The saddle shell is recessed through the Pressure Relief Zone to maximize comfort. The recessed area holds extra cushioning that gives relief by distributing pressure throughout the saddle's nose area.


Avocet's double density ThicThin™ shell produces controlled flex directly under the rider's contact points. Gel is positioned within these contact zones, and its hydrostatic property disperses pressure over a larger area to increase comfort.

AVOCET GEL. Avocet Gel's hydrostatic property works in unison with the double-density ThicThin™ shell to distribute pressure uniformly over the entire contact area. Focused pressure points, the primary cause of saddle soreness, are virtually eliminated. You experience greater support and comfort.


MicroDry COVER. The MicroDry cover is tough enough to stand up to the most challenging off-road conditions. It's waterproof and supple to work properly with the Avocet gel cushioning.
ShortRail SYSTEM. Long rails produce a hammock shape that positions the rider forward on the saddle. Avocet saddles are suspended by a ShortRail system that moves the rider back on the saddle where it is wider, more supportive, and more comfortable.


MEN'S AND WOMEN'S MODELS. Women's anatomic shells are wider in the back than men's to suit the wider pelvic structures of women.

MIRROR CONTOUR. The saddle's distinctive shape is highly functional. The MirrorContour™ rear section enhances control by defining an exit/entry path for the rider on steep descents.


CONTROL CONTOUR. The saddle's corners also have special contours that help the rider guide the bike on technical terrain.

MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE. If the Avocet saddle isn't more comfortable than your present saddle, return the Avocet saddle to your dealer within 30 days for a full refund.

* GelFlex 35 Mountain Saddle Specifications *